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Tooth Colored Fillings

When signs of decay or cavities are found during a routine teeth cleaning dental fillings may be recommended. Older silver, metallic fillings are a thing of the past in our dental practice. We offer tooth-colored fillings. If you are searching for a dentist to give you dental fillings in Charlotte, give us a call.

We place natural tooth-colored fillings in both the front and back teeth. Today's composite resin filling materials allow us to use them in most areas with great success. There are other reasons for using these types of fillings for cavities. Using this material provides a better seal than the older fillings and can be completed by removing minimal tooth structure.

Our cavity fillings pinpoint the exact area where there is an issue. If there is only a small amount of decay, it is very simple to add small fillings. There is no need for the large fillings that cover the entire tooth. All of these advancements make fillings easy to do and hard for others to notice.

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