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Our dental practice is composed of a diverse patient group. This group consists of individuals both with and without dental insurance coverage. Our practice tries to set our fees in a manner that allows us to utilize the best techniques and materials while having the time to treat our patients in the best possible manner.

If you are covered by any traditional insurance plan, as a courtesy we will file your insurance for you. We are very familiar with the various insurance plans and can work to help you get the maximum benefit from your plan.

Our office does not contract with any insurance company. We do not participate in managed care (DMO) plans. As long as you are free to choose any dentist, then we can file insurance claims for you.

Dental insurance is an agreement between your employer and the insurance company. Our office can only ESTIMATE what type of benefit your insurance company will provide for you. Determination of benefit and coverage is up to the insurance company. We will work as your advocate with the insurance company but are NOT responsible for any insurance decisions. Patients are responsible for all fees for treatment at the time of service. As a courtesy, we calculate each patient's portion based on an estimate of insurance coverage. Patients are responsible for the remaining charges that insurance companies may not cover.

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Our office does offer some interest-free and extended finance options through Care Credit, a third-party finance organization that provides payment for dental services. Care Credit finance agreements are between the patient and Care Credit. Our office can provide payment information and can assist you in applying for Care Credit.

Our office accepts cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.

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Care Credit

Learn more & get the information you need on their website here. Applying is fast, easy & secure.