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Dental Services

Our practice provides a full range of comprehensive dental services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our emphasis is on comprehensive restorative dentistry, from routine cleanings and periodontal gum therapy to tooth-colored fillings, crowns, veneers and full mouth rehabilitations. The goal of our dental practice is to provide gentle treatments to allow you to have the smile that you have always desired. Our Smile Design process allows us to give you the most natural smile achievable in a manner that blends in with you.

Here are just some of our Charlotte dental services:

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Cerec One Visit Crowns

Crowns, or caps, are a way of restoring teeth that are cracked, fractured or significantly decayed back to a natural look and function. When a tooth is past the stage of a dental filling, crowns or dental caps are a good solution. Our practice provides extremely natural-looking dental crowns that no one can distinguish from natural teeth. Our dental practice can handle same-day crowns very easily. Our goal is to always offer high-quality dental services while making it as easy as possible on our clients. Our office uses CEREC CAD/CAM technology to produce metal-free, all-ceramic crowns in just one visit. By using... Read More »

Teeth Whitening

Shah-Khan Dentistry offers several teeth whitening solutions in Charlotte. Teeth whitening or bleaching has advanced tremendously in the past decade. Our dental practice can whiten teeth that previously could not be whitened. We can also achieve brighter results than we previously could. Our Charlotte office utilizes two types of whitening systems. You have the choice of whitening your teeth at home or in our office. TAKE HOME TRAY TEETH BLEACHING In this system custom teeth bleaching trays are fabricated, and a bleach system is selected specifically for you. You can review different shades of color compared to your teeth. This can help... Read More »

Tooth Colored Fillings

When signs of decay or cavities are found during a routine teeth cleaning dental fillings may be recommended. Older silver, metallic fillings are a thing of the past in our dental practice. We offer tooth-colored fillings. If you are searching for a dentist to give you dental fillings in Charlotte, give us a call. We place natural tooth-colored fillings in both the front and back teeth. Today's composite resin filling materials allow us to use them in most areas with great success. There are other reasons for using these types of fillings for cavities. Using this material provides a better seal... Read More »


Porcelain veneers or laminates allow us to change the shape, color and contours of teeth to give patients the smile that they have always desired. Veneers are an option for people with discolored teeth, enamel that has worn away or even chipped teeth. Veneers are a great option for correcting a number of issues. We have given many people veneers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Getting veneers involves two steps: First, we prepare the teeth for the veneers and then we come back to deliver the laboratory-fabricated veneers. If you are interested in learning more about the process of getting... Read More »

Tooth Replacement

While our goal is to always save teeth, we realize that unfortunately there are situations that result in loss of teeth. We can replace this tooth loss from the single tooth to the entire mouth. Since every person's situation is unique, we possess a variety of ways to replace missing teeth. These vary from cost-effective methods such as removable partials and dentures to fixed, tooth-supported bridges, implants and implant-supported bridges. Are you searching for the right dentist in Charlotte to handle your tooth replacement? Our dentists will meet with you, examine the situation and clearly lay out your options for tooth... Read More »


Dental bridges may be the best option in cases of multiple tooth loss. Fixed, tooth-supported bridges have been the treatment of choice for replacing lost teeth. In this procedure, teeth on either side of the missing teeth are prepared for crowns and then a permanently cemented bridge is produced to replace the missing tooth and anchor it to the adjacent teeth in a cosmetic manner. This is a common tooth replacement procedure. Contact us to learn more about dental bridges in Charlotte Read More »


If you need dental implants in Charlotte, give us a call. The most current tooth replacement method is implant dentistry. A dental implant is a threaded titanium cylinder that is placed in the bone of where a tooth is missing. An individual bone actually grows into the implant integrating it into the patient. From this, we attach various components and place a crown on top of these components. This is a great replacement option when adjacent teeth around the missing tooth are in good shape. Contact us to learn more about dental implants in Charlotte Read More »

Implant Supported Bridge

Implant-supported bridges now allow us to replace areas of extensive tooth loss with a permanent fixed option. Previously, this type of situation could only be restored with removable dentures or partial dentures. Material science and advances in implant technology give us another option. This procedure allows us to replace situations from multiple missing teeth to entire arches and even full mouths. Contact us for implant-supported bridges in Charlotte Read More »

Before & After

Please review the before & after photos in our gallery: Read More »


Invisalign is the latest trend that has become a popular alternative to braces. Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of custom-made, nearly invisible, removable aligners to help you achieve the smile you always dreamed of. Invisalign can help improve conditions such as overbite, malocclusion, diastema, crossbite and much more, with less pain than braces. Invisalign not only straightens you teeth, but it helps improve the form and functionality of your mouth to reduce pain, tooth decay and gum damage. Are you ready for a new smile? Contact us for a complimentary consultation and ask about Invisalign. Read More »