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Take a look at what others have to say:

Courtney R. - Charlotte, NC

Martha A. - Charlotte, NC

Kris J. - Charlotte, NC

Dr. Shah-Khan and Danielle are a true team in addressing patient needs. Always great to come to my dentist. The entire office communicates and functions as a team. Thank you for your serious/professional focus and the laughter. A terrific balance.

Carroll L. - Charlotte, NC

Selecting a dentist to help you manage the health and well being of your oral tissues, including your teeth, supporting structures, and your jaws joints is one of the most important healthcare decisions you can make. You should choose your dentist just as carefully as you choose your physician. The care and condition of your vital oral tissues is your responsibility but, just as important, requires supervision, management and guidance by a highly gifted, well-trained and continuous student of dentistry; the modern physician to the oral cavity. They are not easy to find . Charlotte is blessed by the presence of one of the most highly qualified, skillfull and compassionate dentists in the United States. His incredibly well-trained and service-oriented staff help create as safe and enjoyable environment that helps you feel a level of comfort and trust that sets your mind at each such that you can relax knowing you will be well cared for and appreciated by the best of the best.

I'm an orthodontist and I see the work of numerous very fine dentists in the Charlotte area. My staff, my wife and I chose Dr. Shah-Khan to be our dentist simply because his office stands alone among his peers in knowledge, skill and quality of service. If you are passionate about your overall health, and recognize that your oral health reflects directly on your general health, seek the best of the best. You will be glad you called Dr. Shah-Khan's total health-oriented dental practice.

Dr. Ernest A. Rider, Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr Shah-Khan has an innovative and extremely well run practice. He is dedicated to quality work that is virtually pain-free! I regularly recommend Dr. Shah-Khan and his staff to anyone who is looking for an advanced practitioner that keeps the best interest of his patients a top priority.

Rod M. -- Charlotte, NC

Dr. S. Mustafa Shah-Khan, D.D.S. has been my dentist since he opened his practice in Charlotte, NC. His knowledge, professionalism, and treatment style was evident at our initial meeting. He listened to my concerns, needs, etc. and together we developed a plan for my dental hygiene future.

Routine exams as well as extensive work performed by Dr. Shah-Khan and his staff, were performed in a comfortable, private environment with state of the art equipment. The medical staff is attuned to their patients' needs and busy schedules and accommodates them to a very high degree.

To Dr. Shah-Khan and his staff, dental health is as critical as medical health. Dr. Shah-Khan diagnosed my periodontal disease that could have led to heart related issues. To this, I am grateful. Dr. Shah-Khan also performed much needed cosmetic dentistry, which not only improved my bite, but made me look younger!

Dr. Shah-Khan also gives back to the community in sponsoring various non-profit organizations (501 c-3) for animals and children.

He is a great guy, family man, and makes his patients feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend his practice and would even answer any questions you have about my specific treatments.

Nancy A. -- Charlotte, NC

Dr. Shah-Khan's attention to detail changed my life. During my first visit he immediately recognized a bite problem which had been causing debilitating headaches my entire life. No other dentist had been able to diagnose the issue. After much discussion and explanation of the problem, he fit me with a night guard. He worked tirelessly to make it perfect, solved the problem and made me headache free! He continues to monitor the issue at every visit, making sure that I do not have any new pain.

He is a gentle dentist and his staff is excellent at providing a thorough yet comfortable cleaning. Dr. Shah-Khan's professionalism and expertise will put you at ease and provide you with excellent care.

Courtney R. -- Charlotte, NC

I moved from Michigan to Charlotte 8 years ago, leaving my previous dentist who I had entrusted with my dental care for over 35 years, convinced that he was the finest dentist in the world. One of the most difficult things about an interstate move is re-establishing a solid medical support network and I had mentally convinced myself that it would be impossible to find a dentist with the same professional and interpersonal skills as my dentist in Michigan.

Shortly after settling in Charlotte I had a crown failure and was referred by a relative to Dr. Shah Khan. I interviewed him, was favorably impressed with his professionalism and with a leap of faith decided to let him replace my crown. Removal of the old crown and making impressions for the replacement crown went very smoothly; however, my ah ha moment came when Dr. Shah Khan seated my new crown with no post seating adjustments. It fit perfectly the first time. I have several crowns and bridges and this is the first one that fit perfectly with no adjustments. I asked Dr. Shah Khan how this was possible and his answer was that he had identified a superior lab that could cast gold crowns and bridges that fit perfectly, saving his patients time and discomfort. What a wise man, spending time upfront to identify the best labs to work with, saving both his patients and himself time and discomfort.

I believe that Dr. Shah Khan's efforts to identify the best have not been limited to external suppliers; he has also surrounded himself with a skilled professional staff second to none. Over the last 8 years I have entrusted Dr. Shah Khan with my regular dental care along with the replacement of several other crowns and bridges and all have fit perfectly. It is not a miracle just outstanding dentistry. I believe that three words sum up my experience with Dr. Shah Khan, Trust, Trust and Trust. I have come to the conclusion now I truly have found the finest dentist in the world, Dr. S. Mustafa Shah-Khan.

Richard Havelka

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