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​Invisalign is an Amazing Way to Straighten Teeth

Invisalign is the latest trend that has been taking over the orthodontic scene. Metal braces are slowly taking a backseat for certain dental conditions that can be just as easily corrected with Invisalign. They are for any age and offer a subtler approach to correcting gaps, bite and more. The treatment process for Invisalign involves adjustments and replacements of the aligners, similar to adjustments with traditional braces.

Correct Bite, Gaps and More at Shan-Khah Dentistry

Most people think that Invisalign just fixes some minor spaces in the mouth to improve your smile. But Invisalign can alter your smile to not only straighten it but improve the form and functionality of your mouth to reduce pain, tooth decay and gum damage! Find out the main conditions that Invisalign can help with.

Invisalign can help improve the following conditions:

-Overbite: Overbite, sometimes also known as overjet, is a common condition when the upper teeth protrude slightly or drastically ahead of the lower teeth. This condition can affect the enamel and gums if left untreated.

-Malocclusion: Malocclusion is the over-crowding of teeth. Teeth may overlap or are tightly bunched next to one another in the mouth. This can cause misalignments in bite, jaw pain, increase odds of dental decay or gum infection, and an uneven smile that may cause insecurities while smiling.

-Diastema: Diastema is the opposite of Malocclusion, meaning that there are spaces or gaps between the teeth that can affect the appearance of a smile and can potentially lead to periodontal diseases if left untreated.

-Crossbite: Crossbite is a specific type of malocclusion that involves the upper teeth biting down or falling inside the lower teeth every time the patient bites down. Crossbite is frustrating and can lead to dental damage or overworking of the jaw to chew food or speak.

Invisalign has countless benefits. Aside from being discreet and fixing a variety of ailments, they offer added benefits that are not found with traditional braces.

    ·Removable (for cleaning, eating or athletics)

    ·Decrease in Oral Injuries/Sores (No pointy wires!)

    ·Quicker Results

That's right, on average Invisalign works faster than traditional braces! Visit our Charlotte NC office today to ask us about Invisalign and if it is the right route for you. We offer many options to provide you the treatment you need to keep your oral health at its best. Call today and we will answer any questions you may have about straightening your teeth with clear braces!

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